What is Deadrop?

Deadrop is a secure way to upload a file (25M or smaller) and later retreive it via a link and a password/passphrase. It is similar to tools like Dropbox but with less features and a focus on security. All files are stored in an encrypted format using your password as the key with a unique IV per file, passwords are stored in a hashed format using bcrypt, and when files are removed they are securely deleted. An in depth overview of the security features can be found here.

Deadrop Options

  1. Upload File - The file you want to upload (must be < 25M).
  2. Password - The password with which to protect the file.
  3. Confirm Password - To make sure you didn't typo your password.
  4. Delete at X Downloads - Delete after the specified number of downloads.
  5. Delete at X Failed Attempts - Delete after this many consecutive failed attempts to download.

Deadrop Features

Upload/Download a File

  • Upload File:
  • Password:
  • Confirm Password:
  • Delete at X Downloads:
  • Delete at X Failed Attempts:
  • * Password length must be >= 8 and contain numeric as well as upper and lower case alpha characters